Friday, November 06, 2009

Huge Website Update!

'Just finished burdening with roughly twelve month's worth of illustrations and comic strips. It's the longest I've ever gone without updating the site, which is purely down to the existence of this blog. It's so much easier to just shove new work up on here as and when it happens.

So as you'd expect, most of the "new" stuff has already been showcased 'round these parts... although happily there are a few exceptions:

'Damienne Hobbs Reflects'
This appeared in New British Comics #1 earlier this year. I was pretty happy with how it turned out, but had to admit that I'd bitten off more than I could chew in regards to juggling the rendering with the deadline. So it made good sense to hurl some spit and polish at it for it's online debut. Think of it as the director's cut...

'John Henry - Hammerin' Hero'
A kids' graphic novel for Stone Arch Books. I posted the cover recently, but you can now see a selection of the interior pages too.

'Burn Zombie Burn'
A five page comic to promote the PS3 game of the same name.

'Dishcloth Of The Damned'
Another collaboration with Mr Paul O'Connell; we knocked out this demented one-pager for the second (zombie themed) issue of Slave Labor Graphics' "Fat Chunk" anthology.

Elsewhere, the childrens' illustration section has received a particularly hefty boost to it's line-up - it's just about trebled in size! Feel free to have a good rummage.

And finally, there'll be a particularly revolting new episode of Shadowquake & Shnookie appearing in the next few days...


Peter Richardson said...

Love the John Henry cover - really in your face and full of blistering energy.

tweekhed said...

Thanks for your kind comments! Absolutely love your work! You have a new fan!

Dave Morris said...

Loads of fabulous work there, Nelson. John Henry in particular looks to be a modern classic.

Nelson Evergreen said...

Thanks gents!
That's high praise indeed, Dave. Maybe I need more of these mad deadlines hovering around... there's a lot to be said for getting on with it rather than labouring over the slightest detail for weeks on end. John Henry seems to be going down quite well... perhaps there's a briskness about it that appeals to folk.