Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New British Comics #2

Just out (sporting a cover from yours truly) is New British Comics #2.

Among the gifted folk returning after successful stints on the first volume are Dan White, Paul O'Connell and Lawrence Elwick, along with new contributors such as my current faves WJC, Iain Laurie and Craig Collins. The first two episodes of Shadowquake & Shnookie, my all-ages deformed romance comic, are in there too.

English or Polish versions are available, depending on your fancy/mother tongue. Be warned: you might urgently need to own a copy after you've browsed the sample pages at the new NBC website, so pop to Bad Press to order yourself one.

Kudos to editor Karol Wisniewski for making it all happen.


Anonymous said...

Aw damn. I was going to try resist buying new comics until I'd made a dent in my BICS haul. But I love Shadowquake.

Nelson Evergreen said...

Cheers Dave. Should be barging into the next three episodes of S&S any day now, as it happens...

Peter Richardson said...

Really love this cover artwork Nelson, there's a 3D quality about the figures and the painting itself is beautifully edgy.

So how didja do it?

Nelson Evergreen said...

Thanks Peter, glad you like it.
There were a few informal process posts for this one(click the "New British Comics #2" tag). In a nutshell: pencil drawing + Photoshop, loads of texture brush experimentation and overlay/lighting layers.
Something tells me I'd have trouble replicating the style in future illustrations. It kind of came out of nowhere!