Monday, February 09, 2009

Upgraded Trolls

One of the perks/drawbacks of doing new - and hopefully more accomplished - work is how it can completely refresh your perception of your older stuff. Take "Trolls" above. I used to think the version on the left was one of my most complete efforts. Nice composition, kinetic, good colours, lighting, atmosphere etc.

But seeing it next to my recent take on Little Red Riding Hood made it seem like nothing more than a sketch. Just like that: Bam. All of a sudden it looked impossibly flat, which may well have been the intention at the time, but nowadays the plan is to give the viewer something they might be tempted to physically jump into. Whether the reboot on the right up there fits the bill, I can't say. Right now I think it's a giant improvement, but who knows what me in six months time will think?

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