Monday, February 04, 2008


Pieces produced last year for's weekly mailouts.

I actually quite enjoy having to apropriate a different style every now and again, especially if it means forcing myself to get to grips with a strange, alien piece of software; in this case, Illustrator. Monster's erstwhile cartoon mascot, Trump, called for this approach, all clean vector lines and shapes - not my usual forte at all. After one very long, painful day spent hacking my befuddled way through the first one, the subsequent Trumps averaged out at two or three hours each. Very intuitive and pleasant it was, too.

There were initially going to be 52 of these themed thumbnails - a year's worth - but
half way through the job it was decided to re-brand the company and unceremoniously ditch the poor beast. Ulp. I hear he's on the meths these days. Nothing to do with my rendition, I hope.


Parishair said...

Very well done Mr Evergreen, amazing job for a novice illustrator user, your talent knows no bounds. I must say I'm not that surprised they dropped him, he is so ugly and ungainly.

Nelson Evergreen said...

Yeah, he's basically a big green lump with a few bits sticking out! But I really enjoyed working with him, believe it or not. There wasn't as much leeway for physical dynamics as I'd have liked, but it made for a robust and refreshing challenge...