Friday, February 08, 2008


No idea what these poor souls are fleeing from...

I've been waking myself up to the joys of "inking" with a Wacom tablet lately. The less I try to replicate what I'd do with ink on paper, the more fun it is. It's a lot like swapping between guitar and keyboard, actually; a riff you write on one will have a fresh, different feel when played on the other, and spark off a load of new ideas into the bargain.

The scope for recklessness when drawing straight onto the screen is totally liberating. Inking on paper can be pretty nerve wracking, especially if you're doing a "finished piece"; at worst you can seize up and mislay all traces of spontaneity. I've been forcing myself to try and chill the fuck out on this front for ages, and seeing how well some of these chunky, jagged, unrehearsed graphics tab lines are turning out is quite an eye opener.

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Shot For Meat said...

Ah no, not you too! Ha, I've really gotta get me one of these bloody wacom things. I feel like the last man left without one.

Really interesting what you say about it though, and to see your style imagined through it.

Also - how are you finding illustrator? I *still* haven't got around to learning how to use the bloody thing, I think largely because I haven't found the need to yet. I'm sure something will come along that demands it though...