Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas with Lovecraft and Friends

by H.P. Lovecraft (1920)

The cottage hearth beams warm and bright,
The candles gaily glow:
The stars emit a kinder light
Above the drifted snow.

Down from the sky a magic steals,
To glad the passing year,
And belfries shake with joyous peals
For Christmastide is here!

(Promotional xmas card for Graphic Classics)


roryroryrory said...

*slither* - Brilliant picture. Most impressive.

Nelson Evergreen said...

Cheers Rory, ta for looking in. Hope things are good with you!

Shieldslinger said...

Any chance this is available as a print?

Enosh Bar-Tur said...

Hi, it's really great illustration.
Do you sell your works? If you do' I'm interested.

rajmund said...

Hey, this pic is great! Me and my friends are wondering which particular elder ones are sitting here - could you help us?