Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Dark Hunter" Preview Pics

Wow, has the best part of half a year really gone by since the last post..?

It's not that there hasn't been new work to show - I've been churning out stuff left right and centre - it's more a case of having been moving so quickly from job to job that I fall out of love with each set of illustrations within days of completing them. They've all been decent enough sure, but, you know.

Things feel a little more promising with my current commission. Some techniques I'd been playing about with separately over the last couple of years seem to have landed together in such a way that I suddenly feel I've got almost complete control over the process - which in turn has allowed me to loosen up and just let it all happen.

It suddenly feels utterly effortless, at any rate. The fact that I've finally decided that reality's a bit rubbish and that stylising the crap out of everything is much more fun than trying to draw it "properly" has also helped. And yes, the presence of giant spiders, werewolves and lots of other horrible monsters can't have hurt.

God, after all this wide-eyed waffle I'd better still like these illustrations in a week's time...

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