Monday, September 12, 2011

The Evergreen Archive - "Shocking Yarns"

These were part of a delusional, market-oblivious attempt to pitch myself as a greetings card artist many, many years ago. Must have been 1997 or thereabouts - I'd not long moved down to Brighton and was feeling all energetic and enthusiastic about, ooh, everything, if not remotely clued-up about any of it. One of my many doomed schemes from the time was a huge batch of 'funnies', all carefully rendered in pen & ink with zero colour, because, well, badly drawn, colourful greeting cards seemed to be incredibly popular, so obviously what people must really have wanted was some well drawn black and white ones. Erm, heh heh. They didn't have the desired effect, of course, but god it was fun doing them. Most were surreal, silly gags - for these three I wandered off down a more specific side road (the title being a big obvious tip of the hat to Michael Palin and Terry Jones's 'Ripping Yarns').


Craig Collins said...

Love these, Nelson! Funny stuff, especially the ominous certainty of "you will shit yourself".

The greeting card market must be completely bamboozling.

Nelson Evergreen said...

Thanks Craig. Yes, it was certainly a major source of bamboozlement for me and my poor mind. I've given it a wide berth ever since!