Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scholastic Time Machine Poster

2011 is undeniably shaping up to be The Big Fat Year Of Greyscaley Goodness for me. It's brilliant it is. I love greyscale. It's a lovely cosmos of Woo Hoo. I could float about in it forever.

But! A spot of colour here and there doesn't hurt, does it?

The thing here was making sure not to distract from the books, which are very much the main attraction. Not too difficult, really. I mean, look at the books. Look at the names. Kids' publishing royalty! I feel like I'm rubbing shoulders with the stars at some impossibly glitzy red carpet shindig. My god, I do type some rubbish.

Normal 'Big Fat Year Of Greyscaley Goodness' service will be resumed after the break.

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