Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wild West Pop Up Action

"Sounds Of The Past - Wild West"
Templar Publishing (UK)/ Silver Dolphin (US)

This was the weirdest job. Not weird as in weird; weird as in... well... not the sort of thing I'd ever expect to have been offered. It's completely devoid of grotesques, cartoony shenanigans or unearthly atmospherics. My big box of comp copies arrived last week, which is always the best part of any job, but even more so with this one. It pops up! It makes noises! It's ace!

Due out August 1st - you can pre order it from Amazon UK.


The Sound of Drowning said...

Oh my good godness, that looks fantastic!

Nelson Evergreen said...

Cheer Paul, glad you like!

seantiger said...

That looks really nice Neil...Loving the colours!