Friday, March 11, 2011

Vampire Cover / New British Comics 3

My agency suggested it might be an idea to knock up some "pretend" book covers to go in my portfolio. They're absolutely right. I really should have been doing this sort of thing - young protagonist having a to-do with very bad thing, or things (with space for letters at the top) - for ages. Here's the beginnings of a vampire themed one, vampires being good subject matter because they quite simply refuse to go out of fashion.

Speaking of covers, how about this utter beauty by Lawrence Elwick?

Can't wait to see this. Check out the NBC blog for the "tracklisting".


Dave Morris said...

That looks like a vampire book I would enjoy!

Nelson Evergreen said...

Me too, Dave! And you never know... Publishers do sometimes commission illustrations based on specific pics in the illustrator's portfolio (so long as they haven't been used elsewhere, of course). Would love to see this one (or any of them) becoming a template for a real cover one day.

Nelson Evergreen said...

(btw a cover I've been working on for Penguin took exactly that route. I'll do a big 'process' post on it as and when I've got the go ahead to show it :) )