Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jabberwocky Again

Never being one to leave well enough alone, I revisited this image the other day with the intention of colouring it, but the pre-prep got out of control and accelerated into a hefty b&w remix instead. I've got a thing right now about developing and mastering a few techniques which will allow me to produce etchings (of sorts) within Photoshop. I've always loved the textures and detail possible within that area of printmaking, and have spent plenty of time struggling manfully to recreate them using other media - a pretty curious thing to do when there's an actual printing workshop just down the road (shame it costs money - ah, maybe one day...) But yes, with judicious use of texture brushes and line, I reckon it's all very attainable on the monitor.

Anyway, now I really do have to go and do a colour version.


Craig Collins said...

That's a superb image Nelson. The Jabberwocky is pretty Bosch-y to my mind. Excellent!

Nelson Evergreen said...

Boschy! I'm properly chuffed to hear that. Thanks Craig :)