Friday, January 15, 2010

The Book Of Apertures

Book Launch

Lazy Gramophone Press presents the release of their fourth publication, 'The Book of Apertures'.

The Dylan Thomas Prize-nominated collective will bring you a whole day of music and celebration for the book. The event conveniently takes place on a Sunday, from 1pm till 10pm at The Betsey Trotwood (nearest station Farringdon, map above).

The main room is FREE entry. Entry to the upstairs room (where all the action is at) - features tunes from DJs Cuckoo Pan, EMBLAK & Tugnut & exhibited extracts & artwork from the artist & writers AND 6 short readings from 6 of the writers from the book - therein - will cost £9.99, and includes a FREE copy of the book once you step through the door (retail price £14.99), due to be officially launched 5th April 2010.

The venue will also be serving food during lunch time.


The book is a collection of original short stories inspired by myth and folklore. I provided illustrations for Sam Rawlings' The Tale of Hunter Stoke and Rusty Blue, which is ripe with strange magic:

I should be picking up my comp copy on the day, so if you're about do drop in and say hello!

(Edited 22/01 to include this:

I'm enough of a Philip Pullman fan to be thrilled to know he owns a book which contains a few of my doodles!)

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