Saturday, September 26, 2009

"I Was Built With A Smile On My Face" - Process 3

After a lengthy hiatus, I'm back on the case with this jolly robo-fest. Since starting it late last year we've traded in our trusty, tiny old laptop for a shiny new iMac. The difference in screen size, not to mention processing clout, is just incredible; every last inch of an illustration can now be seen on the display, at it's actual size, simultaneously. It's been like moving into a bright, airy penthouse studio after working for years in a cupboard under the stairs.

So this one's been expanded from an A3 portrait into an A2 landscape, and had a couple of banished 'bots reinstated and repositioned while I rethink the colour scheme.


The Sound of Drowning said...

This reminds me of those drawings of the 'art droids' at work in the offices of 2000AD!

Nelson Evergreen said...

Heh, you're not wrong. Snap me in half and you'll see that "2000AD circa 1981-88" is written right the way through.