Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Medusa - Process 1

Here's my take on the mythic snakehaired petrifier, which owes a fairly whopping debt to Ray Harryhausen's wonderful version from the imminently remade Clash Of The Titans. Gosh, what a great film that is when you're nine... Anyway, I thought I'd pencil this one out first, so as to reintroduce some nice wholesome analogue textures into what has, of late, been a staunchly digital melting pot.

More colour and whatnot to come as and when... I've got about a dozen+ new illustrations on the go at the moment, all using different styles and techniques, and I'm hopping back and forth between them like a giddy fool.


Lawrence Elwick said...

Lovely stuff.

Jonathan Edwards said...

Stunning. Amazing use of Photoshop.