Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Burn Zombie Burn

A recent job to promote Doublesix Games' comedic gung-ho slaughterfest on the PS3. There's a page or two on display at Ever Creative's website (click to the right for the goodies)

As a smart little bonus, I'm proper chuffed to have had it included in Pixel Hail 1, an exhibition of videogame inspired art kicking off on Friday 22nd May as part of the Brighton Festival:

Public opening:

23rd May 2009 09:00-18:00
24th May 2009 at 09:00-18:00

Brighton Fishing Museum
Kings Road Arches
Brighton, United Kingdom

For three days, the annex of Brighton’s Fishing Museum will be taken over by a multimedia exhibition of art from, and inspired by, videogames. Award-winning videogames artists will exhibit alongside artists who’s creations are inspired in someway by the world’s largest entertainment industry: videogames.

I love how it's in a fishing museum. Should be good; check it out if you're in the vicinity!

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